How I work

We work at your pace. I won’t push you into places you don’t want to go. You are always in control of our work together.

You don’t have to decide straight away. You may want to think about it or you may decide counselling isn’t for you so your first session is completely free with no obligation. In this first session we will discuss your expectations from counselling and what, as a trained psychotherapist, I can help you with.

I will explain ethical issues with you such as contracting and ethical boundaries. We will also discuss practical issues such as the best times for and frequency of the sessions. The number and frequency of sessions may vary according to your unique needs.

For the duration of our work together I will be focussed on being your therapeutic partner. I will support you with respect and empathy for as long as it is of benefit to you.

It may be that a brief experience can be sufficient for you to achieve clarity and relief. Or it may be that you wish to continue further and explore your experiences more deeply.